PVC Mould Manufacturer in Gujarat

PVC mould made from poly vinyl chloride material ,we use PVC resin for reputed company of India reliance and also imported quality products like Formosa brand PVC resin, we compound the material by Mitsubishi India  who one of the largest mfg of plastic raw material and supply world wide.

We use flexible PVC compound for making paver mould and our shore hardness comes 72 after moulding, our products cover with 3 year fully replacement guarantee against wear and tear.

Why PVC Mould Recommend for Paver?

PVC mould is flexible, economy and easily washable compare to other moulds also life cycle of moulds 1000 impression or 3 years, due to flexibility of mould the shine of the concrete paver are extremely good compare to plastic semi flexible moulds who know as a plastic mould or silicone white moulds in the market,

Three types of paver mould in the market:-1.plastic mould,black rubber mould& pvc rubber mould.plastic mould is cheaper but short life and black rubber mould is very costly and same life compare with pvc mould.

Benefit for PVC Mould:

  • Attractive price so any one can start with law budget
  • Medium weight,
  • Good finish product you can make
  • High durablity
  • Reprocess after use so enviornmental frendly material
  • Resale value is high due to high demand products in automobile,footware, and other industrial industries.
  • Available in transperent,semi transperent and ivory color
  • Easy to clean
  • Less weather effect
  • Mould can use in automatic production unit.

Why Choose Us?

We provide all kind of service in concrete industries, we made all kind of concrete moulds with diffrent kind of material like abs. Frp(fiber reignforce plastic).pvc, silicone, polyurathane, we also make customize products for our customers in concrete, we supply all kind of concrete machineres  using with welknow brand parts

We provide technical  guidance for newcomers so they can smoothly run projects, Hassle free and time bound delivery, More then 22 countries we supply our products with 1000 happy customers portfolio. We cover domestic, commercial & interior decorative products moulds ,more then 300 products we make for concrete industries.

We have 15 years vast experience in concrete industries and 20 years of experience in plastic industries.